Parsnip and Leek soup


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‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.’  (Albert Camus)

I adore Autumn.  It’s the season of pumpkins and squashes, Halloween, trees dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar, sitting by the fire with a good book, blackberries and apple tart.  Soup is one of my all time Autumn favourites and you can’t beat the sweet, woody smell of parsnips.  Stripping parsnips with a sharp knife is one of the joys of Autumn.  Parsnips have no cholesterol and are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Continue reading

Emma’s Cheesecake


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Summer cheesecake

SurreyK is officially back.  Here is my favourite cheesecake recipe to ease you from Summer into those cosy Autumn nights

This is for all the parents, guardians, friends who have been working extra hard during the school summer holidays.  Perfect for a charity bake-off, summer BBQ or just an informal gathering with friends. Continue reading

A True Hero – Undiscovered Genius Revealed.


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One of my favourite things about blogging is the twists and turns that it takes you on.  You never know who you are going to meet and quite where you will end up.  (Keeps life interesting)

Rarely do I meet a TRUE HERO.  (Lets face it we live in a money orientated capitalist society with shallow values).  I met George through my own personal interest in Autism and Mental Health.  As a qualified occupational therapist who specialises in Autism I also have experience of working in Learning Disabilities, In-patient mental health, Community mental health, Forensic mental health, Paediatrics and Elderly care.  I even wrote my dissertation at university on a similar enterprise to George’s that was taking autistic kids and kids with mental health problems out wild camping in America to teach them how to take responsibility for their own lives. George we must have been separated at birth!

The Man Himself

George Arkinstall is a 23 year old Brisbane entrepreneur.  For the last 3 years he has been running his social enterprise Gardening A Difference that creates supportive employment for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those facing Depression.

Continue reading