Fish Pie Bites


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Fish Pie Bites

My Fish Pie Bites are perfect for babies and toddlers who enjoy feeding themselves.  A delicious creamy snack, full of flavour that your little one will love.   Continue reading

Strawberry and Apricot Scones


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Strawberry and Apricot scones.

On Tuesday I took my daughter to Garsons farm in Esher for her first strawberry picking.  Alice is a real outdoor girl so she loved everything about the experience from carrying the carton provided, to running in and out of the strawberry rows and of course eating the sweetest English strawberries we’ve tasted all summer. Continue reading

Cheesy Broccoli Bites


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Cheesy, broccoli, bites.

‘Crispy, cheesy, comforting, but packed with broccoli.’

Cheesy broccoli bites are a great source of vitamin C and K.  Broccoli is a super food full of calcium, folate, fibre and even protein.    It has been tested and found to be beneficial for digestion, heart health and natural detoxification.  If your kids aren’t keen on broccoli yet these little cheesy bites might be just the dish that turns them. Continue reading