Brazillian Street Food Part Two – Leiths, London.


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Jorge Baumhauer da Silva

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Brazilian Street Food.


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Acarje, Dried shrimp Vatapa & Molho a Campanha.

One of the defining features of eating out in the capital over the past few years has been the Street Food scene in London.  From workers exchanging stale sandwiches for fresh cooked lunches from their local market to the popularity of a street feast on a Friday night, it has transformed the way we socialize.  Chefs in London once came to cook in restaurants, now true foodies are brought up on the streets.  Bak, Breddos, Tand Lucky Chip were so popular they’ve set up permanent shop. Continue reading


Trottole Trapanese — the chef mimi blog

Here is another reblog from the beautiful Chef Mimi inspired by the beautiful Nigella Lawson.  A simple supper for a summer’s evening with a glass of red.

Hope this recipe keeps you going whilst I’m busy writing up my amazing Brazilian Street Food course at Leiths (School of food and wine in London) with the very talented Jorge Baumhauer (head chef at the Brazilian embassy).  Watch this space for more. xx


This is a pasta post, based on my discovering the cutest twirly pasta ever, called Trottole. I purchased the spinach variety, for color. As is my pattern, apparently, I purchase a unique pasta, then figure out what sauce to put on it. 574 more words

via Trottole Trapanese — the chef mimi blog