A True Hero – Undiscovered Genius Revealed.


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One of my favourite things about blogging is the twists and turns that it takes you on.  You never know who you are going to meet and quite where you will end up.  (Keeps life interesting)

Rarely do I meet a TRUE HERO.  (Lets face it we live in a money orientated capitalist society with shallow values).  I met George through my own personal interest in Autism and Mental Health.  As a qualified occupational therapist who specialises in Autism I also have experience of working in Learning Disabilities, In-patient mental health, Community mental health, Forensic mental health, Paediatrics and Elderly care.  I even wrote my dissertation at university on a similar enterprise to George’s that was taking autistic kids and kids with mental health problems out wild camping in America to teach them how to take responsibility for their own lives. George we must have been separated at birth!

The Man Himself

George Arkinstall is a 23 year old Brisbane entrepreneur.  For the last 3 years he has been running his social enterprise Gardening A Difference that creates supportive employment for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those facing Depression.

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Chillish® – The Ultimate Chilli Oil.


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Chillish® – – The Ultimate Chilli Oil.

The lovely Pollyana

The beautiful Pollyanna is a passionate foodie who created Pollyanna’s Kitchen in 2017, with a view to share her exceptional creations with the world. Bored of bland food she decided to create what she thought was missing on all of our menus!  A spectacular 2-in-1 Chilli oil (with bits) and a recently launched product, again ‘with bits’ called Garlish®. Continue reading

A Surrey Kitchen Recipe: Asparagus and Bok-Choy Frittata

Thank you to the wonderful Libby at greener greens a fantastic organic vegetable box delivery company based in Surrey. For more information please read my write up. xxx

Greener Greens

We recently got in touch with Emma, a fabulous set-taught chef who runs the blog Surrey Kitchen. We asked her to create a recipe for the summer from some produce that we sent her. She came back with not one, but two brilliant recipes!  We’ll be keeping the second one from you for another week or so, but in the mean time here’s a great recipe for Asparagus and Bok-Choy Frittata. 


Asparagus and Bok-Choy Frittata

Emma says:
“I adore Italian/Spanish Frittata but you do not need to limit yourself to traditional ingredients like onion, red pepper, garlic and cheese.  Here is a frittata with the Asian flavours of Bak Choy, grated ginger and asparagus for something a little different this summer.  Perfect for lunch in the garden or packed up in a tupperware box for a picnic with friends and family.”


2 tablespoons cooking oil

1 teaspoon…

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