Dim Sum – Shumai


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Shumai and Hargrow are the two most popular Dim Sum in the UK

Shumai is a type of traditional Chineses dumpling, originating from Huhhot.  In Cantonese cuisine, it’s usually served as a dim sum snack.  In addition to accompanying the Chinese diaspora, a variation of Shumai also appears in Japan and various Asian countries.

Shumai and Hargrow are the two most ordered and most popular Dim Sum in the world.  The King and Queen of the Dim Sum world.  The Dragon and the Phoenix. Continue reading

Dim Sum


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‘Sundays are for Dim Sum.  While the rest of America goes to church, Sunday school, or NFL games, you can find Chinese people eating Cantonese food.’ Eddie Huang.

Dim Sum originated in Canton, China and can be likened to how the English take afternoon tea or the Spanish have tapas with Sherry.  They are essentially small bite-sized snacks which were served with tea to weary workers and travellers to see them through until they had their main meal.  Nowadays Chinese people tend to eat them on weekend mornings for a long brunch.

Beautiful Dim Sum restaurant in China.

In dim sum houses, a whole variety of steamed, baked and fried snacks are served from trolleys stacked high with bamboo steamers which are then pushed around the restaurant for diners to select from.  Sharing is advisable. Continue reading

Pairing Wine and Food – WSET Level 1 Award in Wines Part 4.


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Wine can be a marvellous partner with food.  This is often presented as complex subject but, in reality, it can be simple if you think about personal preference and common interactions between food and wine.

Food and Wine Pairing can be simple

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