Can you cook a steak pudding in a steamer?

Cover with a tight-fitting lid. Alternatively, use a steamer. Steam the pudding for 5–6 hours, taking care to top up the boiling water occasionally so it doesn’t boil dry. … After steaming, carefully remove the pudding basin from the saucepan, using the string handle, and remove the string, paper and foil.

How do you steam a steak pudding?


  1. Heat up 1″/25mm of water in a saucepan to boiling.
  2. Remove outer packaging and leaving pudding in its foil tray. Place in the saucepan and cover. Steam for: 40 mins.
  3. For best results leave pudding to stand for 5 minutes before serving. Check the pan does not boil dry.

Can you cook a suet pudding in a steamer?

Tuck the paper in and fold the foil around it to totally encase the paper and give the pudding a water-tight seal. … Place the pudding into the steamer set over a saucepan of simmering water, or use a large saucepan with a saucer in the bottom. Steam for several hours, or as recipe indicates. Top up water when necessary.

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Why is steaming appropriate for suet puddings?

Steamed suet puddings, such as steak and kidney pudding, are often made with a filling that has been pre-cooked. … It also means that you can ensure that the meat in the filling has been cooked until it is properly tender and that the filling is suitable seasoned.

Can you microwave Hollands steak puddings?

Microwave From Frozen

Place the pudding lid side down into a microwaveable bowl. Add 2 teaspoons of cold water, cover with clingfilm and vent. Microwave as follows: Always Cook from Frozen: CatE/850W: 4min30secs. Leave to stand 1 minute before serving.

How long does a steak pudding take to steam?

Cover with a tight-fitting lid. Alternatively, use a steamer. Steam the pudding for 5–6 hours, taking care to top up the boiling water occasionally so it doesn’t boil dry.

Is braising steak and stewing steak the same?

“The key difference between braising and stewing,” he explains, “is the cut of meat. Braising is for cheaper, larger cuts of meat, such as beef cheeks. Stewing would use smaller cuts of meat that are uniform in size and it’s key to stewing that the meat is totally immersed in liquid.

Can you steam a pudding in a plastic bowl?

Nigella suggests using a plastic pudding basin with a clip-on lid as these are easy to use and not too expensive. If you have difficulties finding a pudding basin then a Pyrex bowl, or similar heatproof glass bowl, could be used. … The steaming times are the same as for a pudding basin.

Can you overcook a steamed pudding?

You’ll be glad to know that you can’t really overcook a steamed pudding. We wouldn’t recommend steaming any longer than half-hour to an hour after the time suggested on the recipe. The pudding won’t dry out but other ingredients may spoil if overcooked.

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Do you put a lid on when steaming a pudding?

The pudding basin itself should be tightly covered. The pan or steamer attachment should be covered with a lid as this creates the steamy enviroment in which the pudding cooks, as well as trying to limit the evaporation of water from the pan and the condensation that will build up in the kitchen.

How do you use a pudding steamer with a lid?

Use & Care

  1. To open pudding steamer, place on a flat surface. …
  2. Place mixture in steamer and close lid. …
  3. Place pudding steamer into a saucepan which has been filled with water to just over half of the height of the steamer. …
  4. Cook according to the recipe instructions.

How do you know when a steamed pudding is done?

To test if the pudding’s cooked, pierce the foil and paper with a skewer and wiggle it to make the hole bigger, or it will be wiped clean of any mixture when you pull it out.

How do you steam pudding to cover it?

Lay a large sheet of baking parchment on top of a sheet of foil. Brush the parchment with melted butter to stop it sticking. Fold a pleat in the centre of the foil and parchment to give the pudding room to expand as it cooks. Tie the foil onto the basin with string; wrap it twice to keep it tight.

Can you cook steak puddings in an air fryer?

Can You Cook Frozen Black Pudding In The Air Fryer? Yes you can.

How do you cook frozen steak pudding?

To steam From Frozen (-18ºC) For one pudding: 1. Steam for 1hr, 15 mins. To Steam From Chilled (+4ºC) For one pudding: 1. Steam for 45 mins.

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How do you reheat a steak pudding?

Warming Guidelines

Heat through using a stove top gas or electric steamer for approximately 40-45 mins. Remember, for us to add more gravy, we would have to reduce the meat content!