Kannaway Supergreens.

In today’s busy world, it’s often difficult to get the vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and other components necessary to thrive each day.

A superfood blend a cut above the rest because it’s made with CBD hemp oil.

Kannaway super greens’ are formulated with more than 40 different superfood and nutrient dense ingredients to ensure that you can get all the building blocks to a healthy body each day.

This superfood blend is a cut above other green blends because its created using hemp protein and is infused with Kannaway’s proprietary BI-Bong herbal blend to help centre your body and support digestive health.  With no added sugar Kannaway SuperGreens are naturally sweetened with stevia for a pure, nutritious green flavour. Adding this powerful nutritional supplement to your day is fast and uncomplicated to keep you moving.

No more green gunk smoothies.

Fed up of the green gunk smoothie in the mornings?  Well here are my ten delicious ways to introduce Kannaway’s super green’s blend into your diet.

Supergreen crepes.

Anyone who follows surreyK knows I’m a big fan of crepes.  Try adding a scoop of Kannaway green’s by stirring them into a delicious pancake recipe of your choice.

Green eggs.

Make ‘green eggs’ for breakfast.  Adding super greens powder to your eggs is a delicious, savoury way to enjoy the health benefits of greens, and skip the disgusting green sludge in the morning.

Supergreen porridge.

Mix the powdered blend into a hot bowl of quinoa breakfast cereal or porridge.  Top with fresh berries, crunchy almonds, and a drizzle of sweet honey for a burst of flavour that compliments the Chia, cinnamon and apple flavours already in your super greens powder.

Supergreen soup.

Make it into soups.  Add greens powder to your soups especially no cook blender soups, which keeps all of the life-giving properties intact.

Green energy bites. Even kids will love theses.

Make your own energy bites. It’s easy to make a batch of energy bites!  Like protein – packed truffles the greens powder stirs right into this simple recipe.  Enjoy them after workouts or sneak them into your lunchbox.

Supergreen salad dressing. Simple way to get supergreens’ into your diet if you have no time to cook.

Stir into salad dressing.  Drizzling green powder over kale, spinach and other crunchy veggies is a natural way to enjoy them! This simple green vinaigrette tastes great over all your favourite salad combos.

Supergreen dip. Introduce your friends and family to Kannaway supergreen’s at a dinner party or family lunch.

Dip into it!  Make a simple party dip with this deliciously creamy recipe.  It tastes delicious on veggies and makes it easy to enjoy all the benefits of super greens, no sipping needed.

Supergreen hummus.

Super boost traditional hummus by stirring greens powder into a sore-bought tub of hummus or better yet make your own.  See my last blog post on Turkish cookery for a simple hummus recipe.  All you need is a food blender or processor.

Supergreen pesto pasta.

Prepare it with pesto.  Adding greens powder to an already green pasta sauce is a great way to boost the nutritional content of your pasta without even knowing it.

My favourite. Supergreen chocolate bark. Makes beautiful handmade gifts for loved ones.

My favourite, mix it into chocolate.  Stirring greens powder into chocolate makes it easy to boost the nutrition of even the most decadent desserts.  You can enjoy bites of delicious chocolate bark knowing you’re also getting alkalising greens into your body as well.

Kannaway Supergreens.


If you have any delicious recipes using supergreen’s blends them please share them here with his at SurreyK.


Emma xxx