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Chiu Chow Fun Gor.

These Chiu Chow-style steamed dumplings are very popular at Chinese dim sum restaurants.

Guangdon province China.

Also known as Fun guy, or Chaozhou fun guy, Fun quorum, fun for, Fen gun, Chiu Chow dumplings, Teschew dumplings or Fun For is from the Chaoshan area of coastal eastern Guangdong, a province of Southern China.  In Hawaii, fun duo is known as pepeiao, the Hawaiian word for ear, named for its shape resembling an ear.

Beautiful Chaoshan.

The wrapper is made from a mix of wheat, tapioca and cornstarch, which is what gives the wrappers its clear appearance and soft chewy texture.  The filling for these dumplings is also unique because its not tightly-packed like regular dumplings.

Inside is a loose mixture of ground meat, crunchy vegetables like carrots and water chestnuts and sometimes cilantro.

Gardeins beef crumbles.

If you’re a vegetarian I’d recommend using Gardeins beef crumbles as a ground meat substitute.  I like it for its neutral flavour, but you could very well use some rehydrated TVP as a vegan option.

Tea is at the heat of Dim Sum ‘Yum Cha’.



Use previous Dim Sum recipe.


Minced pork (20% fat if available)                        120g

Baking powder                                                    1/2 tsp

Sugar                                                                 1 tsp

Light Soy                                                            2 tsp

Sesame Oil                                                         2 tsp

White pepper                                                      a pinch

Salted radish (finely chopped)                              1 tsp

Chinese Mushroom                                              2 tsp


Tapioca flour in the dough gives wrappers their translucent appearance.


  1. Make the mixture for the 2 fillings above.
  2. Flatten each dough marshmallow with your palm and roll into 3 inch circles.
  3. Add a suitable amount of filling.  Fold and pleat.
  4. Add to steamer tray.  Make sure there is 2cm spacing between each dumpling.
  5. Steam for 8 minutes if 1 tier, 10 minutes for 2 tiers, 12 minutes for 3 tiers.

If you’d like to book the same Dim Sum course I took go to The London Cookery Schools website.

Id love to hear your Dim Sum stories so please get in touch via our contact page.

Beautiful Chaoshan, China.

Emma xxx