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Chillish® – – The Ultimate Chilli Oil.

The lovely Pollyana

The beautiful Pollyanna is a passionate foodie who created Pollyanna’s Kitchen in 2017, with a view to share her exceptional creations with the world. Bored of bland food she decided to create what she thought was missing on all of our menus!  A spectacular 2-in-1 Chilli oil (with bits) and a recently launched product, again ‘with bits’ called Garlish®.

The lady herself!

Pollyanna is a trained chef and was previously the chef for Canderel.  She is passionate about good food and has ensured that her products are free from any ‘nasties,’ are vegan and support the local economy.  Pollyanna is currently working on her next product launch, which will be announced at the  Chilli Fiesta, West Dean (Chichester), in August this year.

Chilli Day.

It’s unofficially National Chilli Day here at SurreyK.  Introducing Chillish® – The Ultimate Chilli Oil.  Hot off the press from Pollyanna’s Kitchen!

A delicious BBQ accompaniment for the summer.

Chillish® -?

Vegetarian and vegan Chillish® – is made in Sussex with no added nasties. Pollyanna the great mastermind behind this awesome product uses an award-winning locally sourced Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil, which makes it safe to use when cooking at high temperatures such as BBBQ’s or stir-fry.

The delicate notes of the exotic chillies, the nutty oil and the elegant spices are captured by the subtle flavoured oil.  In contrast the caramelised onion, chilli and garlic ‘gubbins’ that lies at the bottom of the jar has a stronger richer kick and is much gooier in texture.

But what do I do with it?

Apart from using it to grease your kid brothers bicycle seat with or mixing in the hair wax of that housemate you REALLY can’t stand there are two good uses for Chillish® -.

  1. Create with it as a whole (but hey no sensory play for the kids – this stuff has real kick!) – condiment, marinade, stir in, drizzle or mixer –‘ the mind boggles’ as Holly Golightly would say!
  2. Use the ‘gubbins’ and oil separately – if you’re a fan of minimalism simply stir in for more of a punch.  Not punchy enough + more!

Pollyanna’s  recommendations for those who can’t read the manual on the jar! lol!


  1. Add a spoonful to side of lasagne, sausages or your Sunday dinner.  Think how many relatives you can annoy by roasting the potatoes in this? (wink!)
  2. Use to accompany scotch eggs, pork pies, cheese and other picnic treats.


  1. Rub into chicken legs or a fillet steak a few hours before roasting or BBQ-ing.  Do not mistake for furniture polish!
  2. Coat Tiger Prawns, Halloumi and Tofu prior to grilling. (Mmmm!)


Add a large tablespoon to Spaghetti Bolognaise or Risotto.  Yes your little sister won’t be able to talk for a whole week!

Spice up a stir-fry or a soup (especially for granny!)


Hot slice of pizza.

Mixed through rice or quinoa.

Over vegetables prior to roasting.

Sausages in oil before cooking.

Mix with…

Mayonnaise for a to die for dip.

Sweet potato or scrambled eggs.

Slow cooked pork, beef, (vampire mmmm).

Awesome Chilli Facts and why we should all eat more.

  1. Chillies release endorphins and dopamine into the body for a ‘feel good’ high!  Neurology bit – Your brain interprets the burn from hot peppers as pain which can ultimately result ina runners high’ or ‘euphoric state.’
  2. So cool – The Indian Army are testing Chilli grenades as a form of non-lethal weapons to use on hidden enemies.  Now what was I saying about your annoying kid sister/brother?
  3. Chillies also have about twice the amount of vitamin C as citrus fruits do.
  4. Dried Chillies are high in Vitamin A and the red ones are a great source of beta-carotene!

The beautiful lady herself – Pollyanna Chillish® -.

The work of an evil genius!

Pollyanna’s Pulled Chillish® – Chicken thigh Pitta with Mayo, Avocado & Spring onion.

An absolute winner (in my opinion)!

Serves 2 people, or one very hungry person.

4tbsp Chillish® – oil.

4 fat chicken thighs (skin and bone are removed after cooking)

1 medium avocado (ripe)

5 spring onions (cleaned and finely sliced)

4 tbsp mayonnaise

2 Pitta pockets

4 tbsp Chillish® – Gubbins.

Serve with a glass of something cold and enjoy in the blazing sunshine here in London/Surrey.

Pollyanna’s Top Tip – Swap the chicken for bacon, to enjoy a delicious breakfast treat!

Thank you to the very talented Polyanna for sharing with us today.

Emma xxx