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Goodness Gracious Food Company

This week Surrey K tried out some of the puree’s from The Goodness Gracious Food Company.  My daughter is nearly two so she is past the weaning stage. However she was still able to enjoy the fruit purees as a snack.

Banana, Plum and Quinoa baby puree

Usually bored by bland supermarket baby purees Alice was much more interested in the taste and texture of these organic purees.  She also enjoyed feeding herself from the pouches the purees are packaged in.  Her favourite flavour was Banana, plum and quinoa, I had a sneaky try myself and it balances naturally sweet fruit with bitter quinoa.  Bananas can constipate but they are full of potassium and electrolytes which help hydrate the body.  The high fibre content in the plums helps the transit of foods to aid digestion.  They also boost the immune system and balance the effect of the banana.  Quinoa is a gluten-free ‘pseudo grain’ which has all the amino acids essential to life.

Apple, Apricot and Cinnamon baby puree

Alice also enjoyed the Apple, apricot and cinnamon puree which, having had my little taste of, combines warming cinnamon and fruit.  The apricot is full of taste and masses of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Apricots help digestion and overall gut health.  Cinnamon also aids digestion and improves circulation.

Wholesome, nourishing, organic food

I just wish I had known about the goodness gracious puree’s 18 months ago when I was weaning Alice.  There is a huge gap in the market for these purees as most of the other supermarket purees available are either high in sugar or additives. For this reason I chose to make my own purees at home for Alice.  I know exactly what it’s like to spend hours in the kitchen making wholesome, nourishing and balanced food for a baby. You feel virtuous the first few times, then it just becomes a bit of a grind(!). After all, time spent in the kitchen is time I could be doing something more fun, like playing with Alice.

It was a similar experience that led Katherine Gubbins, mum, yoga teacher and founder of the business to venture into the supermarket to find ready-made meals that would give her more play time with her daughter.

Nothing met Katherine’s strict standards of wholesome, nourishing, balanced, organic food- I know how she feels!  So she thought if she couldn’t find it she would do it herself – and her company was born – healthy food for healthy brains and bodies.

Surrey K’s Emma samples purees with daughter Alice

I’m a huge yoga fan so I was very interested in the Ayurveda guiding principles behind Katherine’s brand.  Ayurveda is a state of balance between the soul, mind and senses.  Katherine’s family doesn’t follow An Ayurvedic diet religiously but the method of food preparation is very important, and the combination of food and what we mix with other foods is something to monitor.

For example fruit ferments in the stomach, inhibiting digestion of other food, so it follows we should eat fruit separately from other ingredients.  Similarly it’s not advisable to mix fruit with meat, fish or vegetables and Katherine follows this principle in her recipes. She also uses ingredients that bring a benefit to the body such as pumpkin which is a mild diuretic, good for cleansing the liver with high levels of beta carotene (good for eye sight and the skin) and natural sodium.

Free from added sugar, salt, additives, wheat, dairy, eggs and gluten

Goodness Gracious purees are free from added sugar or salt as well as being free from gluten, wheat, dairy and eggs because babies and young children don’t need to have these foods in their diet from the beginning.  There are plenty of other really good grains or ‘pseudo – grains’ like quinoa, that they can eat which don’t contain gluten and a lot of them are better for us that wheat.

All parents want to give their little ones the best start in life.  Goodness Gracious Foods are 100% organic, free-from balanced recipes made with best quality ingredients.  This is why I’m sure they are set to become a trusted favourite for parents all over the country who can rely on these easy to digest pouches of goodness with the added bonus of a clear conscience.

If you’re anything like me, using these purees, mixed in with your own creations of course(!), will give you a chance to spend a bit less time in the kitchen and still give your kids pure, organic wholesome food.