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Riverside Walk Kingston Upon Thames

The Riverside Walk Food bloggers event held on Monday 16th May 2016 was a chance to showcase what Kingston-upon Thames has to offer foodies this summer. With amazing views of the river that overlooks Kingston bridge and mouth-watering cuisine from all over the world, Riverside walk is the perfect oasis to enjoy al fresco dining with friends and family.


Riverside Walk

First stop CAU

The friendly CAU staff told us that they offer contemporary cuisine inspired by the vibrancy, colour and cultural diversity of the Argentine Capital.




Mouthwatering small plates – CAU

Delicious mini Beef Tacos and Salmon Tostada.  Burnt Tomato Bruschetta with Whipped Goats Cheese on sourdough.  Mouth watering small plates that fuse Italian and Spanish influences with a distinctive Buenos Aires twist.


Patagonian Mule

Patagonian Mule – A twist on the classic, made with Vodka, Fernet Branca and ginger beer.  The lime and apple light up this fiery South-American influenced cocktail.


Succulent meat skewers

Mini Chorizo and Red Pepper skewers, Paprika Chicken and Yellow Pepper.  Cuisine you would find cooked on every street corner of Buenos Aires.  My favourite of the small plates was the melt in your mouth Pork Belly coated in a light and crispy tempura, served with CAUchup!


Steak Skewer Platter

Aberdeen Angus, grass-fed, straight from the pampas, richly flavoured and wonderfully tender.


One of the Cau-boys!



The Churros are to die for.  Doughnuts Argentinian style.  Lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar and served traditionally with dulce de leche.  CAU is worth a visit for this dessert alone.

Second Stop Comptoir Libanais

Comptoir Libanais means ‘Lebanese counter’ and that’s exactly what it is: somewhere you can go and eat casually.  Credited with putting the glamour into Middle Eastern cuisine at his Levant, Pasha and Keira restaurants Tony Kitous brings his Lebanese home-style dishes to Riverside Walk Kingston.  The aim is to relax and dine with no fuss.


The Lebanese philosophy of ‘Its all about sharing,’ is reflected in the healthy light dishes available to share with friends and family overlooking the river thames.  Dishes of Hommos and Baba Ghanuj – a smoked aubergine, tahini & lemon juice are served with traditional flatbreads, alongside Tabbouleh, Falafel and Lamb Kibbeh.  Not to be missed this summer are the Chargrilled Marinated Chicken Wings served with Harissa and Garlic Sauce.


Perfect sharing plates



Sharp, fresh tasting Roomana (pomegranate and orange blossom lemonade, served with a sprig of mint) is the perfect non alcoholic accompaniment to Lebanese cooking.


SurreyK’s Emma with the manager


Dedicated and friendly staff


Traditional Lebanese Desserts



What I love most about Comptoir Libanais is the Souk (open air marketplace) around the restaurant.  As a keen home cook I know just how hard it is to find the exotic ingredients used in Lebanese cooking on the high street.  Floor to ceiling the restaurant is filled with tempting items such as Pomegranate Molasses, Sumac, Harissa paste and even Fig Jam.  I can see myself returning very soon to purchase one of the stunning silver tea pots that the restaurant famously serves their fresh Rose Mint Tea.

And Finally Dessert – Cote

Award winning Cote serves classic brasserie dining inspired by new trends in Paris.


Mini Dark Chocolate Mousse

Cote’s Dark Chocolate Mousse is the perfect indulgence of delicious chocolate goodness.


Creme Caramel

Light and creamy with an intense crispy caramel top I can honestly say Cote’s signature dessert is by far the best Creme Brûlée I have ever eaten.  Made fresh on the premises every day by the restaurants dessert chefs this creme brûlée is the perfect balance of lightness and indulgence.


SurreyK with the Bloggers


A beautiful evening by the river Thames

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Surrey Food Stars Wanted – Competition Time!


Surrey-based Fantastic British Food festivals celebrate independent food and drink producers in stunning locations around the South East of England (Polsden Lacey, Bodian Castle and Petworth), with expected 90,000 visitors across nine venues in 2016.  This year they are launching a search for the nations most exciting producers, creators, chefs, authors and foodie business owners.  Although the competition is open to entrants all over the UK, at least one of the finalists will be local Surrey food hero.

For more details click on the link below: