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SurreyK was lucky enough to be invited to a masterclass at The Botanist, Farnham to celebrate the launch of their exciting new cocktail menu!  


The Botanist’s Signature Cocktail.

The Botanist.

A blend of incredible flavours which literally throws you into summer.  Kettle One Vodka, Havana 3 rum, french elderflower liqueur, mint, jasmine syrup and lime juice topped with lemonade.  Leaves of red amaranth placed on the top are both eye-catching and aromatic.  The smell of the garnish of fresh herbs leads you into the cocktail before you’ve even tasted it. An earthy twist on a mojito, this is one cocktail not to be missed!


Kiwi and Sage Martini

Holly Willoughby enjoying a cocktail

Holly Willoughby enjoying a cocktail

Kiwi and Sage Martini.

Rumour has it this fruity tipple was Holly Willoughby’s favourite when cocktail guru Nick Whitby treated Phil and Holly on ITV’s This Morning to some zesty treats.  One kiwi, sage, vanilla syrup, kiwi syrup, lemon juice, pineapple juice, gin and vanilla spiced liquor.  Simply add in the kiwi (keeping a slice for garnish) and sugar syrup.  Muddle the kiwi then add in the sage.  Add in the remaining ingredients into a cocktail shaker with cubed ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into a cocktail martini glass and enjoy!  The sage adds the perfect savoury twist to a cocktail that could potentially be a little too sweet without it.


Blackberry & Mint Julep

Blackberry and Mint Julep.

I’m not a whisky drinker and would normally avoid bourbon cocktails.  However The Botanist’s Blackberry and Mint Julep has an addictive sweet and sour hit that has changed my view of whiskey cocktails altogether.  Fresh blackberries, mint and sugar syrup, a splash of aromatic bitters, bourbon and blackcurrant liqueur. The blackberry & Mint Julep conjures up the best of summer and autumn in one glass, with sweet and sharp notes working perfectly together. The other half was very keen on this one!


SurreyK’s very own cocktail Queen in action!



And the winner is?  The Botanist Cocktail closely followed by the Blackberry and Mint Julep.  Sorry Holly but I don’t agree (: