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Blacks ‘Salty Streaker,’ no bun option.

If you’re someone who appreciates the difference between a fast-food burger and a premium option then Blacks Burgers, Epsom is the right joint for you!

The no bun option has made Blacks Burgers popular with fitness gurus such as Body Coach.  Keen to try this popular choice I went for the ‘Salty Streaker’, a 100% beef patty topped with halloumi, avocado and bacon, served with a side of Blacks’ slaw.  I’ve never had avocado and halloumi on a burger but I’m now hooked – it was that delicious!


Blacks Rock ‘N’ Rolla.

My husband opted for a ‘Rock ‘N’ Rolla’, a 100% beef patty topped with peanut butter, Monterey Jack Cheese, smoky streaky bacon and a fried egg.  ‘Crazy but amazing,’ was the official verdict from the other half. Check out our 360 degree google sphere of the restaurant to see what it’s like inside.


Starter – Grilled Halloumi served with tomato slices.

The menu works in four stages.  First you choose your burger – beef, chicken or veggie.  Second you pick the style of your burger from thirteen different options. This is where Blacks stands out from other burger restaurants because vegetarians are given the choice of thirteen different combinations rather than just the one standard veggie burger.


Blacks Burgers kitchen, Epsom.

Thirdly you add your toppings.  Blacks have incorporated a toppings section to their menu to give customers a bit more than the generic toppings of red onion, tomato and lettuce offered by other burger joints.  Customers can jazz up their burgers with sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños, homemade relish, camembert, pulled pork and many more mouth watering options.


Parmesan, Garlic & Rosemary Fries.

Last but not least you select your side.  We sat for ages just considering all the possibilities! I would recommend Blacks Slaw which is nothing less than homemade reminding me of the coleslaw my mum makes for summer BBQ’s. We went for the  parmesan, garlic and rosemary fries which were a great take on the classic french fries.

They have an open kitchen – always a good sign – so you can see exactly what’s happening with the chefs and the food.


Salty Caramel Crunch Filfpot.

However it’s not the burgers that everyone is talking about at Blacks right now. Filfpots – brought over from Australia by the chefs behind Blacks Burgers, are hand crafted milkshakes topped with cream and loaded with goodies.  I was straight away drawn to the ‘Salty Caramel Crunch’, a sweet and salty shake bursting with toffee popcorn and giant chocolate buttons.  What’s not to like?


Blondie Brownie Mud Pot.

We also tried the ‘Blondie Brownie Mud Pot,’ a white and milk chocolate shake erupting with fluffy marshmallows, a wedge of gooey triple chocolate brownie and dripping in chocolate sauce.  Customers can also choose from ‘Nuts ‘N’ Nanas,’ ‘Bischoff Blow,’ and ‘Strawberry Doughnut Delight,’ flavoured filfpots. We saw more than a few customers coming in, just to share one of these.

It’s one of the few places in Epsom you can go to just to have dessert. This concept is massive in America but is only getting started over here. A lot of the time families want to get out of the house in the evening but don’t want or can’t afford a full meal. Just having ice cream or a sundae is a great way to break the day to day grind without breaking the bank.


Homemade And Cooked Fresh To Order.


Basilio Blacks Homemade Gelato!

Blacks homemade ethic extends to its ice-cream.  After studying ice cream making in Italy the family came up with a new business idea, Basilio Blacks Gelato.  I’m a huge ice cream fan and will happily vouch for this brand new homemade Gelato brand.  This is authentic Gelato made with real ingredients. One of the benefits of making ice cream in house is that Blacks offers its own unique flavours, changed from week to week as inspiration takes them – such as Oreo, Nutella and even Peanut butter(!) as well as more traditional flavours such as chocolate and strawberry.

With its stylish Scandinavian decor Blacks Burgers, Epsom has mass appeal. Families would be a lot more comfortable in the Epsom restaurant than in some of the grungier burger joints across London.


Warm, welcoming and attentive staff.

What really makes Blacks Burgers stand out and worth returning to is the warm, welcoming and attentive staff. Check out our video below and decide for yourself: