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Denbies Vineyard

A huge thank you to Marcus Clarke for sharing De Vere Venues new ‘Things to do in Surrey guide’ with our readers here at SurreyKitchen.

Ross and I have visited all three of the guide highlights below and would recommend them to anyone we know.  I have a yearly pass for Hobbledown as we have an eight month old daughter Alice and live about a ten minute drive from the children’s farm.


hatchlands park 1

Hatchlands Park – National Trust.

If you’re stuck for things to do in Surrey then the new guide by De Vere Venues will help you to plan the perfect day out with family or friends.  Split in to things to do with children, with hard to please teenagers, at the weekend, at night, for free or even when it’s raining, you’re bound to find the right activity to suit your need.

hatchalands park gardens

Hatchlands park gardens.

As one of the Home Counties Surrey benefits from the vibrant cultural offerings of London while maintaining its own unique and historical style. Famous for its rolling hills and areas of outstanding beauty Surrey has in fact got a lot more to offer and has hidden gems scattered around its borders.

From Box Hill that found new fame in the 2012 Olympic Games to its animal parks, shopping centres, sculpture gardens, museums, gardens, adventure parks and even vineyards, Surrey has something to offer even the most discerning of tourist.

Guide highlights:


Hobbledown Farm.

Hatchlands Park – National Trust park providing a tranquil surrounding within an hour from London. Perfect relaxation for couples, families, old or young.

Hobbledown – ‘Mysterical adventure’ for toddlers and children, farm animals,Visit Surrey climbing and other outdoor fun in a safe and fun environment.

debies sparkling wine

Denbies English Sparkling Wine is excellent.

Denbies Vineyard – A great destination for the day, with indoor tours, a visitor centre, cinema, art gallery and two restaurants on site.

So if you want to know where to find a town riddled with caves, a foot-golf venue, a place to meet beavers or go water-skiing or you just want to relax in a one of Surrey stunning national parks then check out the new guide things to do in Surrey guide here.

hobbledown 2

Raccoon Dogs – Hobbledown.