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English Conference Pears.

IMK this November ….

With its elongated shape and russeted skin the conference is the best-selling English pear.  Providing vitamin B3, A, C, E and K the fruit has benefits for athletes or anybody who exercises regularly replacing lost minerals and nutrients.  My yoga instructor always advises us to eat a pear or a banana when we have cramp to replace lost potassium in the body. One of my favourite ways to enjoy pear is in a salad with Pecorino romano cheese.   Also who can resist a pear and almond tarte tatin.


Farm eggs.

Fresh eggs from Baby Alice’s visit to Bocketts Farm, Surrey


Nelsons Teething Granules

These granules have been a lifesaver through the tricky time of teething.  I simply empty the contents of one sachet and rub onto Alice’s gums before bedtime.  The homeopathic remedy soothes and calms and ensures she sleeps the whole night through.


Bickiepegs – Teething Biscuits

Recommended to me my another mum bickiepegs exercise a baby’s jaw encouraging healthy teeth to grow even before they are visible whilst easing the pain of teething.


Aptamil Baby Porridge

With its simple taste and texture Aptamil Creamed Banana Porridge is ideal for first weaning.  A huge hit with Alice!


Baby Fresh Food Feeder

The Wilkinson’s fresh food feeder has a soft mesh that allows your baby to chew and suck safely, taking in all the nutrients from the food such as carrots, apples and strawberries, without the risk of large lumps being swallowed.


Tommy Tippee First Cup


Tommy Tippee Feeding Spoons.


Wilkinson Baby Freezer Trays

Baby Freezer Trays ready for Alice’s first mashed sweet potato and carrot this weekend.

Celebrating Success


Essential Cuisine – Stocks and Glaces -Lakeland Stores

Congratulations to ‘Essential Cuisine’ for getting their home chef stocks and gravies  into the front window of Lakeland stores across the country after featuring here on surreyKitchen. Pork stirfry

Here is a reminder of some of their incredible products.


Essential Cuisine Glaces – ‘Making the ordinary extraordinary’


Essential Cuisines Lamb Stock is a SurreyKitchen favourite


Our discerning food critic Miles is still enjoying the Lobster Glace.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all our followers.  Now featuring over 50 free recipes surreyKitchen is growing fast because of your support.

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Priory Park, Reigate

Thank you to Celia at www.figjamandlimecordial.com for all the IMK fun this month.

Wishing you all a very happy November.  Emma, Ross and baby Alice.