Another stunning recipe in memory of the wonderful Selma from Elaine at Wishing you all a wonderful week. Emma xx


I have drooled over endless posts and recipes and photos of all sorts of vegetable based patties and fritters, and I’ve even bookmarked most of them, but never actually made any; I’ve always feared that they look so good and are so wonderfully edible that if I made a batch I would just eat the whole lot in one go! But after recent events and the loss of our lovely Selma, I decided that now was the time: I’ve coveted her recipe for sweet potato, courgette and paneer fritters ever since she posted it, so this week, I decided to finally make them.

They are so good!!! I highly recommend giving them a go!! (Photographed with a vintage knife that I bought the last time Selma and I were together)

I made just one amendment as I didn’t have any paneer: I used a hard goats cheese instead and…

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