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What IS a gooseberry, anyway? I went along my whole life without knowing the answer.

Each week, my vegetable CSA gives me choices, depending what’s growing. In the spring, it’s spinach, onions and other greens. In the summer, it’s squash and more greens and tomatoes. Every week the list changes, and as the summer progresses, the list grows and grows. I was surprised a few weeks ago when the choices included gooseberries! I decided to give them a try.


I think of gooseberries as being European, especially British, though that may come from my reading of Beatrix Potter about Peter Rabbit getting stuck in a gooseberry net. Is that right? But apparently, they grow in North America too, because here they are in my kitchen!

I decided to make muffins with them. They are tart, a little like a cranberry once cooked, so you may substitute fresh cranberries in this…

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