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elephant 4

Cow and calf at Addo in South Africa

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mandy at The Complete Book for treating us to a guest post on my most favourite animal of all – the elephant.  Mandy lives in South Africa so she has been kind enough to take some beautiful photos of the baby ellies at Addo for surreyKitchen’s readers to enjoy.  Please check out Mandy’s blog if you want to learn more about cooking and South Africa.


The lovely Emma over at Surrey Kitchen asked if I would do a guest post on her favourite animal, the elephant and even though she has visited South Africa, she never got to see any babies so I set out to share as many babies as I could find in our park in the Eastern Cape; Addo Elephant National Park.

Do pop over to Emma’s blog to see a few adorable pics of some baby ellies and some fun facts too.

Addo, as always, did not disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed clicking away and have included a few previously taken photo’s too. 🙂  Emma, hope you will one day be able to return to South Africa and see all the precious little babies for yourself.

I have scattered a few elephant facts amongst the pictures for you to teach little Alice when she gets older. 🙂

elephants 1

♥ An elephants gestation period is 22 months

♥ Cows usually give birth to one calf every two to four years

♥ At birth, elephants weigh around 90kg and stand about 1 meter tall

elephant three

Baby Ellie – too cute!

♥ Baby ellies suckle their trunk for comfort in the same way humans suck their thumbs

♥ A newborn consumes around 11 litres of milk a day

♥ A herd will travel at the speed of the baby elephants

♥ Elephants live on average up to 70 years of age

♥ Elephants have no natural predators

elephant 7

♥ Elephants flap their ears to cool themselves

♥ Elephants can hear each others trumpeting calls up to 8km away

♥ A female elephant is called a cow and a male is called a bull

elephant 5

All photos by Mandy at The Complete Book

♥ The African elephant has the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom

♥ Elephants sleep on their feet for approximately 2 to 3 hours a day

♥ An adult elephant consumes up to 300kg of food and about 160 litres of water a day

♥ The elephant’s closest living relative is the rock hyrax, a small furry mammal

elephant 8


♥ Contrary to popular belief, elephants do not like peanuts


Miles would like to say a huge thank you to Mandy for his invite to South Africa for respite from baby Alice but he hears the cats out there are a bit bigger than him!