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Ross and I would both like to share our exciting news with you.  We have been away for a number of weeks because I gave birth to a baby girl called Alice weighing 8lb 70z on May 7th 2015.  As anyone with children out there knows our lives have been turned upside down so our kitchen is currently in a state of disarray.  Anyway here goes…

In my kitchen this month….


Introducing our little Alice in Wonderland or rather the french bulldog I’ve always wanted.  We had a very long and difficult delivery with Alice which is why we have been away for so long plus she had an infection immediately after so we had to stay in hospital for a week.  Thankfully we are both well now.



Baby gifts and cards everywhere!



Our little Alice in Wonderlands nursery shelves – also in a state of disarray as you can see from the photo above.


IMG_2740 IMG_2760

Poor Mile’s life has been turned upside down with the arrival of our baby daughter.  Some aspects he has enjoyed like the very exciting balloon.  Others he has taken to the garden to as a result.  My grow bags are his new outdoor bed!



One perk of being a tired and stressed new mum is the lovely lady in a charity shop in Epsom let me have this beautiful Chinese tea set for £5.00.  Now I just have to remember to actually buy some Chinese tea when I go into town.


IMG_2935 (1)

Our Alice roses on the arch in our garden.



Alice’s birthday present to Ross.



My favourite handmade new baby gift for Alice by my talented friend Natalie.



One I made myself.


In the last five weeks of Alice’s life I have seen just how confusing and stressful a time it is for new mums.  By day I am a health professional so I am expanding Surrey Kitchen and starting a series of exciting new blog posts under the title of ‘Scared New Mum.’  Please look out for these.  As many of you food bloggers and readers are already mums, dads and carers of babies and children please feel free to join in and leave your comments and advice.  They would be much appreciated and may help another reader of SurreyKitchen.  I hope to have the first ‘Scared new mum,’ post out by the end of next week.


Lastly a huge thank you to Celia again at www.figjamandlimecordial.com for all the IMK fun this year!



Bye Bye from nanna Toby –  SurreyKitchen’s surrogate Cocker Spaniel!