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Easy Bacon, Spring Onion and Tomato Quiche

This easy quiche recipe is a good solution to any meal dilemmas from dinner parties, supers, picnics and even afternoon tea.  With a crisp pastry case and a delicious just-set creamy filling, this quiche makes the perfect spring time showstopper.

Served best at room temperature quiche also makes a wonderful alternative to sandwiches in a packed lunch.

Bacon and tomato are a classic combination that works wonderfully in this light cheese quiche recipe.  However it is the zesty, sprightly flavour of the spring onion that gives this recipe its wow factor.

Serves 4

Time: 40 minutes



500g ready to roll short crust pastry – thawed

200g (7oz) cubed bacon

4 spring onions chopped

6 cherry tomatoes quartered

4 large eggs

200ml creme fraiche

50g Gruyère cheese – finely grated

Black pepper to season

Olive oil




Preparation Method:

1) Preheat the oven to 200C, (180C for fan), 400F, Gas mark 6.  Roll out pastry to line a 23cm/9″ flan ring or shallow flan tin.


2) Gently fry bacon in olive oil until cooked and crisp.  Set aside to cool.  Slice spring onions and quarter cherry tomatoes.


3) Beat together the eggs, creme fraiche, cheese and black pepper in a large jug.


4) Scatter the cooled bacon in base of flan case with the spring onion and tomato.


5) Carefully pour over the egg mixture and make for 20-25 minutes or until the custard is set and the pastry is golden.