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I can’t believe it’s time for In My Kitchen again. I looked at my calendar today and was shocked to see that the 10th (the usual IMK deadline) was only two days away.

As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to fall our lives at SurreyKitchen show no sign of slowing.  My yoga teacher reminded me last week that Autumn is the time of year that we move from Sun to Moon, Light to dark and from Fire to Water.  It is a transitional time that can leave us feeling unsettled.  We must all try to remember to take time to pause and reflect; to consider what has been achieved and how to move forward during the coming season.  So here goes.  In my Kitchen this month…

We are still enjoying our healthy and delicious garden produce.



We are lucky enough to have a fantastic butchers in walking distance from our house, located on Manor Green Road, Epsom.  Master Butcher’s is a long-established family butchers who stock a full range of fresh meat and poultry as well as a large selection of hand-made sausages, burgers, kebabs, and other products such as meatballs and meatloaf.  All of which are made on the premises.  Cold cuts, salamis and a variety of cheeses are always in stock as well as a range of sauces and other condiments to help you prepare delicious meals.  I bought this Chorizo today to make a pasta dish for this evening.  This air-dried sausage has much more bite and smokiness than any Chorizo I have ever purchased in the supermarket.



My garlic and rosemary infused roast lamb.




Chocolate and Orange Cointreau cake.



Champagne and Cointreau cocktails.



We have also been stocking up on Miles’ favourite Gourmet tins.IMG_1047IMGP7848




My dressmaking classes at Sutton Adult Education Centre have started again.  This term I am trying to make this New Look B125 dress in this beautiful emerald green Chinese brocade material, which I bought in a fantastic inexpensive fabric shop in Kingston called Fabric Land.  The material cost £4.15 per metre.  Bargain!  The only point I have to add is that if you are a beginner it is probably not a good idea to start with this kind of fabric as it frays like mad.  I will have to zig zag stitch all the edges before I even start the seams to stop the material fraying to nothing.  If you are a beginner it’s best to start with cotton or another material that won’t slip and slide while you are trying to sew a straight seam.


This week I learnt how to adjust a pattern for a fuller bust.  It is important to remember when making a dress or any garment for the top half of a woman’s body that all commercial patterns are designed for B cup ladies.  Therefore if you wear a larger size bra then you will need to adjust your pattern.  I wear a DD size bra so as you can see from my practise pattern in the photo there is a lot of engineering that I need to do before I can even begin to cut my pattern out.  You need a lot of patience for dressmaking as I am learning with each new project.  Watch this space and hopefully I will have a very exciting garment to show you soon.

October is my favourite time of the year because it’s pumpkin season and of course Halloween soon.  So keep checking in with SurreyKitchen for some fantastic Pumpkin recipes.


Happy October!