My contribution to International Scone week, another ingenious idea from Ceilia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and her friends Heidi and Joanna. Enjoy!


We have just returned from a short break exploring the bleak and beautiful scenery of Dartmoor as well as Devon’s stunning coastline.  Parkers Farm ( is a family holiday park that I have been visiting with  since I was a child.  I have used it as a base in the winter months for white water kayaking trips with my husband and some of our more mentally unhinged friends.

With the rivers being low in the summer we decided to do some sea kayaking just out of Dartmouth.  One of the reasons I love sea kayaking is that like caving or mountain climbing, it is one of the few ways you can truly escape from everyone and everything in todays modern world.  I also have a strange fascination with sea caves and lighthouses which I blame on reading too many of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books as a kid.  It is

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