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IMGP9914What’s in your kitchen this month? was started by the wonderful Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  After reading what Mandy at The Complete Book had to offer I decided to join in the fun.  So here goes…

In my kitchen…

IMGP9920Is a fantastic tea recently discovered by my husband.  I love tea.  In fact I love tea so much that the thought of a world in which it didn’t exist leaves me cold.  Coffee makes me more mad than I already am, so good quality tea is an  important staple in my kitchen.

The Wimborne based company carefully selects elements from Kenyan, Sri Lankan and Assam teas to create a golden blend that is deliciously smooth and full of flavour.

Master Tea Blender Ben Hitchcock has twenty-nine years of experience and along with his team handpicked tea’s for the blend back in 1999.  Here are some of his top tips I would like to share with you.

1. The average tea drinker in the U.K brews their tea for less than ten seconds.  Leave the tea for three minutes instead and you will notice the difference.

2.  Catch the water when it has just boiled rather than leaving it on a rolling boil.

3.  Leave the tea to blend in a pot if possible.

4.  Controversially Ben says add milk if you choose, and whether you add it before or after is entirely up to you.

I couldn’t agree more with C.S Lewis when he said ‘You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.’  Our Anglo-Irish roots must be to blame.


IMGP9924As the majority of Doctors are totally useless, it wasn’t until I saw a homeopath that I realised I had an allergy to cows milk.  In hindsight this made total sense because drinking milk has always made me feel sick.  It is common knowledge that cow’s milk can cause  skin rashes, diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps and difficulty breathing.

However what I found more interesting was the research that shows the link between lactose intolerance, depression and mood swings.

I have since replaced cows milk with coconut milk, becauase of the health concerns surrounding too much soya in ones diet.

Kara milk is dairy, lactose and soya free.  Coconut is also one of the few natural sources of MCT (medium chain triglycerides) fat in our diets.  MCT fats are converted into fuel by the body much more efficiently than LCT (long chain triglycerides) and other saturated fats.  Lower in calories than cows milk, Kara is also useful for those wishing to lose weight.


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The unpredictable mix of sun and rain here in the U.K means that my vegetable boxes are thriving.  Home grown vegetables are a luxury and one of life’s little pleasures.  After all the hard work comes the time to dig and eat.  July sees the harvest of these beautiful new potatoes and dwarf carrots.

IMGP9907Vegetables should always be eaten the day they are harvested so I will throw the carrots into the roasting pan with the potatoes to accompany my garlic and rosemary infused lamb for todays Sunday lunch.

The rosemary is freshly picked from the garden so my kitchen smells fresh and uplifting right now.

IMGP7882Miles my familiar.


Our rescue cat Miles is always close by while I am cooking, eagerly awaiting a taste of one of my creations.  He regularly contributes to the surreyKitchen posts by walking across my keyboard at impromptu moments.  He wants you to know he is not a fan of coconut milk.

What’s happening in your Kitchen?  Why not join in or at least pop over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to see who’s sharing their kitchen this month.