IMGP5395IMGP5390IMGP5372IMGP5373IMGP5374IMGP5377IMGP5379IMGP5381IMGP5382IMGP5383IMGP5384IMGP5385IMGP5386IMGP5387IMGP5370I know it’s easier to just buy one from a luxury supermarket and yes I am still recovering from the hours of work that went into my own and more importantly the argument I had this morning with my husband about blocking the sink with suet.  He went as far as to remove the U bend from the system to show me why you shouldn’t pour the water you’ve steamed a christmas pudding in down the sink.  (Yes he’s a little autistic!)  My answer to this was ‘next year you give up two days of your life to make one and I’ll take 45 minutes out of my life to unblock the sink’!  Despite all of this if you have never made your own Christmas pudding, then you  are missing out on the sweet, dark flavours and mystifying, melting light pudding that only comes with home-made.


110g shredded suet


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