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IMGP5413 IMGP5415 IMGP5417 IMGP5418 IMGP5419 IMGP5425 IMGP5431 IMGP5438 IMGP5435If like me you are not a fan of royal icing and marzipan, then try these delicious muffins instead of traditional Christmas cake.  The white chocolate chunks and fresh cranberries make a perfect combination of sweet and tart flavours.  This recipe is quick and easy and within 45 minutes, you could be tucking in to these melt in your mouth muffins.


300g self-raising flour

170g butter, melted and cooled

170g caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 large eggs

200ml milk

100g white chocolate chips/white chocolate buttons chopped

100g fresh cranberries

Preparation Method

1) Preheat oven 200C/gas 6.  Place 12 muffin cases in a baking tray.

2) Mix flour and caster sugar in a bowl.

3) Beat eggs, milk and vanilla essence in a jug.

4) Pour egg and milk into dry ingredients, mix a little, then add the butter and mix briefly.

5) Add the cranberries and white chocolate chips.

6) Divide between the cases.

7) Bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

8) Leave to cool

9) Serve with tea or coffee for an afternoon treat/ or with hot custard for a delicious dessert.